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The case study was conducted to determine the effects of the cleanliness of the guest rooms and the effects to the hotels bottom line in implementing Activeion’s Ionator EXP as a new cleaning method to be used in the hotel guest rooms by the room attendants as opposed to the traditional cleaning method using 5 different cleaning chemicals to clean the guest rooms. The Ionator EXP is a chemical-free cleaning system. It is a hand held cleaning spray bottle unit that holds, cleans, and sanitizes with water. The Ionator EXP uses ionization, electricity and oxygen to clean.

The study included testing a total of 20 rooms. Ten rooms were cleaned using the Ionator EXP and 10 rooms were cleaned using the traditional chemicals. Each of the rooms was measured before and after cleaning with the Hygiena’s SystemSURE rapid ATP measurement technology. The system measured Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). The higher the ATP reading the higher contaminates. ATP testing is universally used by organizations to measure hygiene levels (Kaivac Cleaning, 2011).

Testing results showed rooms cleaned with the Activeion’s Ionator EXP and rooms cleaned with the traditional chemicals are both effective cleaning methods. Results of the Active Ion EXP test results showed all areas considered “dirty” before cleaning were “clean” after the Ionator EXP was used. Financial results showed the Shades of Green Resort would significantly enjoy cost savings by switching from the traditional chemical methods of room cleaning to using the Activeion Ionator Exp. The Ionator EXP cost for 33 units is $18,740 and the units are depreciated over a two year period. The hotel’s chemical costs for the two years are estimated at $37,480. The hotel would save every two years $26,293.


Cleaning; Cleaning — Equipment and supplies; Cleaning compounds; Hotel housekeeping; Hotels


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Hospitality Administration and Management | Sustainability | Technology and Innovation

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