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Spring 2011

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Temple Stay program is a newly developed but comparatively mature tourism product in Korea, which is to accommodate and cater tourists in Buddhist temples and have them experience over 1700 years Korean traditions of Buddhism and culture. As a product of compromise between Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the most influential Buddhist organization Jogye Order, Temple Stay program was first launched in 2002 during FIFA World Cup to receive excessive international tourists. Through almost ten-year systematical development, Temple Stay program turns out to be a distinctive phenomenon which successfully establishes a unique identity of Korean culture and tourism, as well as expand the influence of Korean Buddhism.

The paper aims at familiarizing readers with Temple Stay program in Korea through historical back ground of religious tourism worldwide and Buddhist tourism in Korea, current conditions of Korean Temple Stay program and the benefits and criticism received by Temple Stay program. The study will explain what Temple Stay program is, how it is developed, why it is special and who the participants are for the program.


Buddhism; Buddhist pilgrims and pilgrimages; Buddhist temples; Heritage tourism; Korea; Religious tourism; Temple stay


Asian Studies | History of Religions of Eastern Origins | Hospitality Administration and Management | South and Southeast Asian Languages and Societies | Tourism | Tourism and Travel

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