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Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Robert F. Boehm, Committee Chair

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Yitung Chen

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Daniel P. Cook

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Jianhu Nie

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Yahia Baghzouz

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Hydrogen as a fuel source has received attention from researchers globally due to its potential to replace fossil based fuels for energy production. Research is being performed on hydrogen production, storage and utilization methods to make its use economically feasible relative to current energy sources. The PEM electrolyzer is used to produce hydrogen and oxygen using water and electricity. Focus of our study is to provide a benchmark experiment and numerical model of a single cell electrolyzer that can assist in improving the current state of understanding of this system. Parametric analysis of an experimental cell was performed to understand the effect of operating parameters of electrolyzer on its performance. A CFD model was developed to model the physics of electrolyzer. The model was validated with the experiment; the information presented here can be used as a tool to improve the design from thermo-fluid aspects of the electrolyzer.


Alternative energy; CFD; Electrolyzers; Experimental; Hydrogen production; Modeling; PEM


Mechanical Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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