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Summer 2011

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Professional Paper

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Master of Science in Hotel Administration


Hotel Administration

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The hotel industry has a comparatively lower threshold for market entry. This has enabled many international foreign competitors to successfully take up a fairly large share of this market. The competition in this emerging industry in China is becoming increasingly fierce as time progresses. Due to the pressure of growing number of foreign competitors, some indigenous hotels in China have started to follow in their footsteps and expand their sister properties across the country. However managing hotel chain properties is still new to most of these indigenous hotel chain organizations and the hotel chain effects of maximizing profits have not been fully realized. The studies related to these problems are on-going and the solutions proposed are limited.

A vast majority of indigenous hotel organizations hunger for solutions and strategies to manage their chain properties efficiently and effectively. The Sichuan Minshan hotel is certainly no exception and is the focus of the case study in this paper. The case study explores the management strategies employed by the Sichuan Minshan hotel, a typical indigenous hotel chain organization in China.


China; Hospitality industry; Hotel chains – Management; Hotel management; Sichuan Minshan hotel


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Hospitality Administration and Management | International Business

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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