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Music, and the ability to make it, understand it and interpret it, is one of the characteristics that make us uniquely human. However, when it comes to seeing the performance of live music, there are other variables that come into play when determining where to see a concert. The potential connection between people, music, and a “sense of place” are explored in this examination of music-based tourism. Based on information from journals and related news media, and using parallels to the sports tourism industry, the paper found a distinct connection between humans and music in the context of human development, religion, politics and sporting events, as well as the sense of place created by significant occurrences and music festivals (AC Entertainment, 2011; Cairney, 2010; McCleay, 1997; Wallin, 1991)The literature also suggested that the draw of music-based tourism in cities as well as genre-related variables and venue specific information contributed to decision-making of individuals (Gnuschke & Wallace, 2004; King, 2004; Puterbaugh, 2009).The paper concludes with a proposed research survey to be administered to concert-goers to confirm the information included in the literature review.


Concerts; Music and tourism; Place attachment


Advertising and Promotion Management | Recreation Business | Tourism and Travel

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