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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Pushkin Kachroo, Chair

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Masha Wilson

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Rama Venkat

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Monika Neda

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Traffic Safety has always been one of the major issues of concern in United States. Every year, stringent efforts are made by the national agencies and safety offices to uplift the traffic safety standards and build systems which can guide them in policy making, reducing crashes and routing the financial resources in an optimal direction. This thesis studies the traffic safety from three different angles: modeling, analysis and visualization. In the beginning, these three components are explored in the domain of Injury Severity. Later on, the focus is shifted towards the Traffic Safety related to Safety Belts. Factors and models of the Injury Severity are explored and their visualizations are interpreted. The details of the Daytime Safety Belt Usage Surveys before and after the Click It or Ticket Mobilization (CIOT) in Nevada are provided. New iPhone and Windows Mobile based softwares are developed to facilitate the data collection process in Daytime Safety Belt Usage Surveys. Further, a comparative speed and accuracy analysis is performed between five data collection templates to corroborate the efficiency of the designed iPhone and Windows Mobile softwares. These efficient softwares form an important ingredient of a proposed feedback motivated framework for designing the Safety Belt Campaigns. The proposed feedback framework includes a Suspectible-Exposed-Infected-Carrier-Recovered-Totally Immune (SEICRM) model for studying the diffusion of campaign information among the humans. The foundation of the SEICRM model comes from deterministic epidemiological models of infectious diseses. Additionally, the details of the iPhone application designed for Daytime Safety Belt Usage Surveys is provided, with fundamental concepts from the basics that can be quickly picked up even by novice developers. Finally, an online interactive data visualization software is developed using Adobe Flex, PHP, MySql and Google Maps API for Flash. A glimpse is also shown of the Adobe Flex programming, the backbone behind interactive data visualization software.


Advertising; Public service; Automobiles — Seat belts; Safety education; Traffic accidents – Prevention; Traffic safety


Electrical and Electronics | Engineering | Transportation | Transport Phenomena

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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