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Environmental and Occupational Health

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The overall purpose of this research project is to survey experience and education of current dental students regarding domestic violence. Domestic violence has been recognized as one of our nation's most serious public health issues. Domestic violence can result in physical injury, psychological trauma, and sometimes death. Dentists can act as one of the first lines of intervention in recognizing common dental and facial trauma which may be associated with domestic violence victims including: broken teeth, facial bruising, and jaw fractures.

Current data suggest that education about domestic violence can help the dental professional in overcoming some of the barriers they face in intervening to help domestic violence victims. A UNLV Office of Research Integrity - Human Subjects Exemption (1103-3752M - Retrospective Investigation of Course Content Evaluation by Students: A Survey of Domestic Violence Education and Experience among Current UNLV-SDM Dental Students) was filed and approved June 7, 2011 to facilitate the use of an existing survey administered at UNLV-SDM, before and after a domestic violence education seminar. Although there is growing evidence of domestic violence education and instruction in medical education, few studies have evaluated the need for this type of education or the results of this instruction in dental schools specifically.


Dental education; Dental students; Dentistry—Study and teaching; Domestic violence; Family violence; Health and environmental sciences; Victims of family violence


Dental Public Health and Education | Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling

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