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Spring 2012

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Hotel Administration

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Natasa Christodoulidou, Chair

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Package tours are beginning to wane in its popularity and relevancy in today’s sophisticated travel market. This is beginning to show in Singapore as well. The needs and wants of customers are not as well met as compared to the past. If a travel agent wishes to stay profitable in this market segment, it is necessary for the operator to take a good thorough look at its tour packaging value chain. From the nature of the product itself to the end execution of the product, the travel agent needs to review its relevancy and ability to meet customers’ needs. The provider gap analysis would be a power tool to provide a systematic look at this value chain and provide possible insights to the areas that require major attention and revamp.

The purpose of this study is to scientifically discover these possible provider gaps in services using past and present academia research. The research will shed light on the customers’ needs and wants while the provider gap model puts all this research results into proper perspective and categories.

It is also the hope that this paper may be utilised by the travel trade as a resource and blueprint to fine tune their package tour programmes.


Package tours; Singapore; Tourism; Tourists; Travel agents


Hospitality Administration and Management | Recreation Business | Tourism and Travel

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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