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Spring 2012

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Professional Paper

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Master of Science in Hotel Administration

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Curtis Love, Chair

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In order for a company to be profitable, whether it is a hospitality company, a technology company or a small business, sales must be high and continue to grow over time. Companies rely heavily on their sales staff to bring in revenue to keep the company growing and profitable. So, where does this knowledgeable and aggressive sales staff come from? How often do college students take a class that is strictly related to the sales industry?

Many undergraduate hospitality programs do not include courses directly related to sales, leaving students with little knowledge of this department. In fact, some students may not even know that this type or work exists in the hospitality world. With a sales internship students will have the opportunity to learn the overall importance of sales in the hotel industry, especially in the world of conventions.

Hotels are always looking for new and aggressive sales managers to bring to their team. Experience is crucial in this industry and most employers will reject a prospective candidate’s resume if the applicant has no prior hotel sales experience. An internship is the best way for students to gain the experience necessary to start a career in this field since many university hotel programs do not offer courses in sales. Not only will this internship benefit a student who is interested in this field it will also benefit the hotel. Sales departments are very fast paced and having the opportunity to bring someone on board to learn the industry while helping out the team is a huge advantage.


Experience; Hospitality industry; Hotels – Employees; Sales executives; Selling


Advertising and Promotion Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Marketing | Sales and Merchandising

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