The Destination Image of Ukraine: The Challenges and Breakthroughs in Ukraine’s Hospitality Industry

Svitlana Markel, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Ukraine’s hospitality industry is currently competing with many other destinations when it comes to attracting new tourists. Today in our era of technology, Internet and Social media tourists increasingly rely on the Internet to not only book their trips but also to learn about potential destination and more importantly to decide where to go and what country to visit. Because of that destination image becomes increasingly important as it often decides whether or not potential tourist will visit particular country. Based on previous research it was determined that there are some problems with destination image of Ukraine and this study was designed to access what destination image Ukraine’s tour operators convey via their websites. Eight websites were randomly selected via Google Search and analyzed in general terms. Furthermore out of these eight, two websites were randomly selected for more detailed analysis. The results indicated various issues that not only do not help the current destination image but also have a potential to further damage negative destination image. Specifically, websites were outdated, did not have many images or other contemporary media and contained too much text. In addition, it was revealed that Ukrainian tour operators pay very little attention to what destination image their sites convey individually and together as a group. The results of this study indicated that destination image projected via Ukrainian tour operators websites need significant and urgent improvement. Recommendations are given how destination image can be improved and what areas will require more attention.