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Master of Arts in Sociology



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Simon Gottschalk, Chair

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Kate Hausbeck

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David Dickens

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Gary Larson

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The omnipresence of consumption in advanced societies is indisputable; spaces designed to facilitate consumption (or means of consumption) are one aspect of that presence. On the surface, these spaces appear to be quite harmless dreamworlds full of possibilities, but at another level they are highly instrumental, composed of various mechanisms that work to sell commodities through the manipulation of consumer behavior. I argue that consumption spaces express a logic of movement, and a consumption logistics, that is based on the commodity form and relatable to warfare that works to domesticate consumers into the commodity system. I engage in an exploratory study of these logistics on the Las Vegas Strip using the related concepts of network and flow . Logistics becomes an activity and consumption space a field of activity in which consumers submit to the logistical demands of designers. I argue, finally, that consumers need to re-discover fluidity and take a more active role in consumption space.


Business logistics; Communication and the arts; Consumer behavior; Consumption (Economics); Nevada – Las Vegas Strip; Pedestrian traffic flow; Social sciences


Architecture | Community-Based Research | Marketing | Sales and Merchandising | Sociology | Urban, Community and Regional Planning | Urban Studies and Planning




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ISBN: 9780549922605