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The heart and soul of Las Vegas has always been the casino industry. People from all over the world have traveled many miles to put their money on the line in the hopes of hitting the jackpot or just to see the “adult playground” so many have spoken of and viewed in multiple movies. In the 21st century the Las Vegas casino industry has competition popping up across the country and all over the world. These new casinos put intense pressure on Las Vegas to attract the “whales” and high rollers to the casinos on the Las Vegas strip. Many foreign gamblers now have casinos close to their home making it an easier, and possibly a shorter, trip for them to successfully scratch their gambling itch.

The weapon that casinos use to drive business from customers is the casino host. This host not only entertains the gambler and their entourage, but they also must understand the ins and outs of the casino and make high dollar decisions on a daily basis. Many casino hosts work their way up to this position through different departments on the casino floor starting as dealers, cage clerks, floor supervisors, etc.; thus having learned a vast amount of knowledge about the casino industry and games. But every casino customer is different, requiring a wide range of diversity and personalities throughout the casino host department. Some of these casino hosts are brand new to the casino industry upon hiring. How does this new employee grasp all of the important information needed to appropriately assist their customers?

The purpose of this manual is to guide new and experienced casino hosts through important decisions that affect their daily job.


Casinos – Employees; Gambling industry; Nevada – Las Vegas


Business | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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