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Beemer and Shook (2009) explain that developing customers one at a time is the only way. There are no short cuts to this. Traditionally, a small business would develop their relationships by going from door-to-door to raise awareness and grow their brand. How fast they achieved this depended on the budget and time available to their business. Traditionally, large businesses had the power of reaching their markets through huge advertising budget, which small companies could not match.

In today’s business environment, social media has become a new marketing tool that is available to all businesses, that instantly develops relationships with potential customers. Social media does not require huge budgets or time investment. Small businesses can leverage social media to penetrate their markets, reach their customers and develop relationships in a personal and direct manner that can catapult their brand and raise their awareness as successfully as any large business. Social media enables a small business to reach a large and potentially global audience in a very short period of time with relatively little energy. This has opened a whole new opportunity to the way a small business can develop its awareness and marketing activities. An effective social media campaign is able to develop relationships by communicating positive images and dialogue about a brand.

The purpose of this paper is to develop a social media-marketing plan for an online floral company in Singapore.


Advertising; Electronic commerce; Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Small business; Social media


Business | E-Commerce | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Marketing

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