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Fall 2012

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Hotel Administration

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Casinos are hospitality operations in which a gaming experience is offered to guests in addition to general hospitality services. To create stable, high-quality guest services while generating satisfactory guest experiences, casinos rely significantly on the skills of their front-line employees. The initial training before employees begin to work in a live-gaming casino environment is crucial. It gives them the basic knowledge to be able to perform their tasks proficiently and deliver the required guest-service standards to all patrons during live gaming sessions. Table games dealers are the primary front-line employees in a table game operation, they receive majority of their training before becoming employed by any casino. Table games dealer (TGD) training schools curricula mostly focus on the game rules and procedures and on a general understanding of the table games operation from the dealer’s perspective. During their training period, TGDs learn the rules and procedures of each table game, e.g., black jack, craps, roulette—they will deal later. They also have the opportunity to develop their manual skills, computation techniques, and shortcuts and learn the procedures related to table game protection.


Card dealers – Training of; Casinos; Casinos – Employees – Training of; Gambling industry


Business | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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