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This single case study focuses on the development and evaluation of child focused interventions for the treatment of child neglect and concurrent maternal substance abuse that were incorporated into Family Behavior Therapy (FBT). The participants were a mother referred by the Department of Family Services and her child. The child participated in three child focused interventions that were developed to decrease child behavior problems, increase support and communication, and prevent future neglect by strengthening the mother & child relationship. Although not a focus in this study, the mother participated in traditional FBT adult focused intervention components. The chief aim of the present study was to examine the feasibility of incorporating these child focused interventions into FBT, while the second aim was to evaluate the effect of these interventions on measures of parenting. Treatment fidelity, feasibility, and consumer satisfaction were assessed and found to be adequate for two of the proposed interventions. Implications and limitations of the present study are discussed.


Addiction; Behavior therapy; Child abuse; Child maltreatment; Children; Children of drug addicts; Drug addicts; Family psychotherapy; Neglect; Treatment; Women drug addicts