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Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences

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One hundred seventy-three Nevada Air National Guard members voluntarily participated in this exercise science and nutrition survey-based study. The survey consisted of ten closed-ended questions; the intent of the study was to determine whether the participants were willing to attend exercise science or nutrition related classes, or if the participants were willing to instruct exercise science or nutrition classes if they possessed a degree in either field. Forty-six females, and one hundred twenty-seven males participated in this study; one hundred thirty-six of the respondents were enlisted, and thirty-seven of the respondents were officers. Participants were demographically separated by age groups (< 30, 30 - 39, 40 - 49, 50 - 59, or > 60), based on the age categories set forth in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2905 - Fitness Program. One hundred forty-two participants passed their most recent fitness tests, and thirty-one participants failed their most recent fitness tests.

The most important information gathered from the study was that one hundred thirty-five respondents (78.0% of the sample) were willing to attend nutrition education, and one hundred thirty-six respondents (78.6% of the sample) were willing to attend exercise science education. Only one respondent possessed a degree (Master's) in exercise science, and she or he was willing to instruct classes to her or his fellow members; no respondents possessed a degree in nutrition. It is hoped that the survey will bring more awareness to the need for exercise science and nutrition education within the Nevada Air National Guard. The results of this survey will be forwarded to senior leadership for their analysis, in order to allow them to make informed decisions regarding the best manner to assist the members of the Nevada Air National Guard with meeting the objectives and criteria of the Air Force fitness program.


Exercise – Study and teaching; Fitness; Military; Nevada. Air National Guard; Nutrition – Study and teaching; Physical education and training; Physical fitness; Surveys


Exercise Science | Human and Clinical Nutrition | Kinesiology | Nutrition

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