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Educational Leadership

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This abstract reflects the findings of the understanding of the skills necessary to lead transformative change in a non-affluent neighborhood in a large urban district. Current research and understandings of transformative leadership has been limited to traits and organizational concepts rather than the work associated with transforming schools. Studies seldom addressed if leaders even valued the actions central to transformative work or if they have the capacity and expertise to do the task. The purpose of this study was to understand the kinds of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that support what is viewed as transformative leading. Additionally the inquiry probed the supports and barriers to engaging in transformative leading within a bureaucracy of an urban district. This is a qualitative case study of three high achieving elementary schools in non-affluent neighborhoods. The study was conducted to understand the meaning and essence of transformative work from the principals' and teachers' prospective. The study contributes to the transformative leadership literature.

Keywords: transforming leaders, transformational leaders, transformative leaders, capacity, five star rating


Ability; Capacity; Educational leadership; Five star rating; Poor; Transformational leaders; Transformational leadership; Transformative leaders; Transforming leaders; Urban schools


Educational Leadership