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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Beth Rosenberg

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Megan Becker-:Leckrone

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Anne Stevens

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Kate Korgan

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"Archiving Joyce and Joyce's Archive: Ulysses, Finnegans Wake, and Copyright" investigates the ways in which James Joyce's Ulysses and Finnegans Wake incorporate archival institutions and archival modes such as gossip into its composition. For example, this work explores how both works, at times, present institutions such as the National Library of Ireland, and, at other times, enact archiving in its collection and preservation of historical personages relevant to Irish literature and history. Additionally, Joyce was involved in the construction of his own archive, and thereby becomes the curator of his own history as well as that of Ireland.

Importantly, this work also considers how copyright law is inextricably linked to any discussion of archives. Copyright is a multi-faceted, ever-changing set of laws that differs from nation to nation and therefore complicates what both scholars and archivists can do with Joyce's--or other modernist authors'--materials. Recent debates between Joyce scholars and his Estate make Joyce an excellent case-study for this discussion, and also ensure that this work is both relevant and important to anyone interested in copyright, archives, and modernist authors.


Archives; Copyright; Counter-archive; Criticism; Derrida; Finnegans wake; Joyce; James; 1882-1941; Modernism; Private; Public; Ulysses


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