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Educational Leadership

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This study examines the vital competencies of the Human Resource (HR) professional within Idaho state government. Through the lens of comparability and factor analysis, the competencies examined in this study utilize the Human Resource Competency Survey (HRCS) study framework as a basis for study. Since the HRCS model was primarily designed for the private sector, this study examines these study findings in light of public services on a state government level.

This study establishes a competency model that the human resource professional in state level government can use in various facets related to their individual performance, training and development, recruitment, evaluation, professional development, and succession planning. Research suggests that public services often look to the private sector to bridge the gap between the inflexibility of civil systems and the flexibility of HR best practices delivery of private business (Selden, Ingraham, & Jacobsen, 2001; Borins, 2000; OPM 1999-2000; Ulrich, 1997; Gore 1993). Nine original constructs were re-categorized and reduced to five viable competency factors that groups together competencies based on participant agreement as to what competencies were important for the successful HR professional in state level government. These five factors include professional credibility, quality management, global best practices management, workforce management, and performance management. Three taxonomies also surfaced as a result of this study: technical skills, interpersonal skills, and workforce learning and development. Future research implications for studies span possibilities on a more national level across different states in public services, local government systems, and quite possibly into other nations.


Competencies; Competency models; Core competencies; Corporate culture; Human resources; Organizational behavior; Organizational culture; Personnel departments; Personnel departments – Employees


Education | Educational Leadership | Human Resources Management

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