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Spring 2003

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Bachelor of Science


Environmental Science

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Elena Baker-Content Advisor

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The purpose of this study was to examine whether there is an increased positive effect on children's attitude when they are taught about the environment in an outdoor/hands-on setting versus an indoor traditional classroom setting. The study focused on grade four students in the Clark County School District. Half of the group was comprised of students that were taught about the environment using traditional classroom learning materials while the other half consisted of students that were taught using the outdoor/hands-on approach. In order to test the results, the students were given a survey. The questionnaire created by Malkus and Musser (1994) was modified in order to stay consistent with the vocabulary familiar to most 4th grade students and meet the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Clark County School District requirements. Results showed a positive correlation in children's attitude when taught in an outdoor setting.


4th grade students; Classroom instruction; Elementary education; Environmental studies; Hands-on learning; Outdoor learning; Student attitudes


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