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Journalism and Media Studies

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Drawing upon framing theory, this study content analyzes a sample of 2,614 news articles dealing with religions published in Chosun Ilbo from 1996 to 2005. Of this sample, it focuses on 727 news stories covering Christianity to examine how this major daily newspaper has covered this religion in terms of its tone and frames towards Protestants and megachurches. The key findings show that this religion seems to have been portrayed in a positive tone rather than in a negative tone and that Korean journalists tend to view both the Protestants and megachurches as providers of social work services. Given the empirical evidence that conservative news organizations cover Christianity more positively than their liberal counterparts do in Korea, these finding are hardly surprising. Clearly, more research is needed to illuminate the probable diversity of religion news reporting. Despite its limitations, it is hoped that this study is able to provide an impetus for discussing the interplay between media and religion in a context different from Western culture.


Big churches; Chosun Ilbo; Christianity; Content Analysis; Framing; Journalism; Korea (South) Megachurch; Newspapers; Protestantism; Religion; Religion and the press


Journalism Studies | Mass Communication | Religion

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