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The goal of this document is to provide a structural and stylistic analysis of Paul Moravec's chamber piece, Cool Fire (2001) within the context of Alfred Schnittke's polystylism. Fundamental polystylism is the use of two or more music styles within one composition and focuses on a more evolved portrayal of the style when, "there are no longer any direct quotations, but rather a certain element which indicates a `genetic refill' of memories." Techniques from Impressionism, Jazz, Baroque and Classical styles are utilized in Cool Fire.

The method of analysis will follow Jan La Rue's Guidelines for Style Analysis to better understand Moravec's use of polystylism. La Rue suggests observing five categories within large, middle and small dimensions for recognizing a composer's style characteristics: sound, harmony, melody, rhythm and growth. Large dimension refers to each movement, middle dimension is the sections within the movements, and small dimension observations include material within each section. For purposes of this document, growth is a summary of the previous categories unifying elements throughout the entire composition. Moravec is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities, has taught at Harvard University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Hunter College, and is currently University Professor at Adelphi University. Moravec won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in music for his chamber piece Tempest Fantasy (2004).


Analysis; Cool fire; LaRue; Moravec; Paul; 1957-; Music – History and criticism; Music theory; Musical analysis; Polystylism; Theory


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