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Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences

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Determining maximal strength is important when developing a resistance exercise program for trained athletes. The most frequent strength procedure used to evaluate maximum strength is the 1RM test. However, risk of injury from a 1RM test increases for the athletes, therefore a 4RM test is used in the following study. The purpose of the study is to test whether there is a linear relationship between the bench press and the triceps rope extension exercise. A secondary purpose is the development of a prediction equation for the purpose of prescribing bench press exercise loads from triceps brachii loads using a 4RM submaximal load. Participants included 50 trained women. The following variables were measured: 4RM triceps brachii extension, chest circumference, arm circumference, limb lengths, grip width, shoulder width, and RPE. Data were evaluated using stepwise multiple regression to predict 4RM chest loads from the variables listed above. Analysis of data revealed that the 4RM triceps extension exercise (p


Athletes; Exercise; Fitness; Isometric exercise; Muscle strength – Testing; Strength; Weight training


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