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The goal of this thesis was to develop a program for the UNLV Residence Hall Recycling & Reuse Program for Move-In and Move-Out that would collect unwanted and unneeded materials from the residents and put them to use. Move-In collected cardboard boxes for recycling while Move-Out collected usable items such as shoes, clothes, food, bedding, and school supplies for resale. In order to have a good collection turnout, a combination of advertising and resident and staff education was conducted. Letters were sent to Resident Assistants (RA’s) and Complex Coordinators and posters and other advertisements were placed in high traffic areas for both Move-In and Move-Out. For Move-In cardboard dumpsters were put into place outside next to garbage dumpsters and for Move-Out collection bins were put into place on each floor in every hall. The collection diverted a total of 8,627.5 pounds of material for the 1998 Move-Out Program and approximately 28 cubic yards of cardboard for the 1998 Move-In Program. Although the collection for Move-In and Move-Out was very successful some important changes need to be made to improve the program. The changes deal more with the administration and coordination of the program, instead of the program design. Some changes include having pre-determined collection schedules and responsible volunteers recruited ahead of time. Other changes include improvements of Move-Out collection bins and increasing the number of collection bins. Overall, the program was an incredible success and should be modified and continued.


Campus housing; Campus programs; Recycling; Residential students; Reuse; University of Nevada; Las Vegas; UNLV Residence Hall Recycling & Reuse Program


Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources and Conservation | Sustainability

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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