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This study examined revenue managers' level of trust in their revenue management system (RMS) at Las Vegas casino resorts. The study utilized an e-mail interview to measure revenue managers' attitudes about their RMS's degree of reliability and dependability, the degree to which they trust their RMS's pricing recommendations, and if a revenue manager's level of trust in technology had any effect on their likelihood of trusting their RMS.

The study invited 11 property and corporate revenue managers from Las Vegas casino resorts to participate in an e-mail interview, with nine revenue managers agreeing to participate. The main findings of the study related to instances in which the RMS is generally unreliable and when pricing recommendations provided by the RMS are less than optimal. Revenue managers generally find their RMS to be unreliable when there is incorrect labeling of business types, drastic changes in trends, unusual demand due to events and offers, and fluctuation in year to year consumer demand. In addition, the study found that revenue managers tend to override RMS pricing recommendations when the revenue manager has knowledge of a group not filling their block, the system fails to see a large percentage of bookings, there is a pricing opportunity for dates the system isn't aware of yet, days in which trends don't help, the pricing recommendations seem far off, the system generally over predicting the occupancy result, and no price elasticity.


Casino resort; Casinos; Demand forecasting; Hospitality industry – Information resources management; Hotels – Rates; Nevada – Las Vegas; Pricing recommendation; Revenue management; Revenue management system; Revenue manager; Resorts; Supply and demand – Forecasting


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