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Educational Psychology & Higher Education

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The relationship between internalizing and externalizing problems and academic achievement for children and adolescents has been inconclusive. Particularly the relationship between the Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition (BASC-2) reports of internalizing and externalizing problems and academic performance on the Woodcock-Johnson, Tests of Achievement, Third Edition (WJ-III:ACH). The current study examined the self and parent reports of internalizing and externalizing problems as measured by the BASC-2 and the relationship with academic skills as measured by the WJ-III:ACH. The referral source (private practice or school setting) was evaluated for severity of presenting internalizing and externalizing symptoms. Secondary data analysis was done with matched samples from each referral source. Participants included school-aged children from eight to 18. The samples were matched by age, grade and gender. Parent reports completed by mothers were the only parental reports included in the analysis. Many correlations were statistically significant; however, most correlations were low. One-way ANOVAs identified significant differences between self and parent-reported internalizing problems and parent-reported externalizing problems in the private and school settings. Cluster analysis identified two distinct clusters based on high and low scores on the BASC-2 with self-reported somatization as the main predictor. Multiple linear regression analyses indicated affective distress may have more of an effect on academic achievement test scores when internalizing and externalizing problems are considered together. Moderation analysis found no significant evidence of referral source as a moderating influence on internalizing and externalizing scores.


Academic achievement; BASC-2; Externalizing problems; Internalizing problems; Students; WJ-III ACH


Child Psychology | Educational Psychology

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