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Journalism and Media Studies

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This thesis provides an exploratory overview of the role the El Mercurio newspaper played along with the military after the Chilean coup of 1973. The study reviews the contents of the newspaper's front pages, including their coverage of the events during the coup. The thesis will show how the paper revisited its coverage each year on the anniversary -- September 11th and 12th -- beginning with the years dominated by the military government, from 1973 through 1990, and continuing through the transition to democracy, from 1991 through 2007. The primary method used in the course of this examination is a content analysis, analyzing how propaganda was used during and after the coup, and to show media bias in favor of the government through the images frames and tone in the headlines used. The findings showed that positive messages and images favorable to the government were used during the dictatorship; however, after the dictatorship ended images of violence surrounded the annual commemoration of the Chilean Coup.


1973; Chile; Chilean Coup; Coups d'état; El Mercurio; Mass media – Objectivity; Mass media – Political aspects; Newspapers; Pinochet Ugarte; Augusto; Political violence in mass media; Propaganda


Broadcast and Video Studies | History | Journalism Studies | Latin American History

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