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Environmental Science

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This thesis reports on a study of the residence time of water in the Wetlands Park Nature Preserve in Henderson, Nevada. Rhodamine WT was used in order to test for the travel time of the water from the Monson Channel inflow to the Nature Preserve outflow to the Las Vegas Wash. The initial hypothesis was that the water would stay in the system for approximately 8 days. Residence time was tested using an ISCO sampling machine along with a Sequoia-Turner model 450 fluorimeter to test for the fluoresce of the dye in the water. All samples collected were taken immediately to UNLV where they were run through the fluorimeter. Precautions were taken in keeping the samples from being degraded by several factor, including temperature and sunlight. Results were input into Microsoft Excel and statistical values were calculated. The results show that there is a difference in the calculated time and the actual mean residence time. The calculated residence time was 188 hours and the actual mean residence time was 109 hours.


Duration; Henderson; Nevada; Hydrology; Las Vegas Wash; Monson Channel; Rhodamine WT; Water residence time; Water travel; Wetlands Park Nature Preserve


Desert Ecology | Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Sciences | Fresh Water Studies