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As the time is passing on, the effect of DDoS attacks on Internet security is growing tremendously. Within a very little span there is a huge increase in the size and frequency of DDoS attacks. With the new technologies and new techniques, the attackers are finding more sophisticated ways to attack the servers. In this situation, it is necessary to come up with various mechanisms to detect and defend these DDoS attacks and protect the servers from the attackers. Many researches have been carried out to detect the DDoS attack traffic in transport layer, which is more vulnerable to DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are more common in transport layer. Coming to application layer, they incur huge loss and it is very difficult to mitigate DDoS attacks even under the presence of strong firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Security. Researches are being conducted to mitigate application layer DDoS attacks.

This Research contains a discussion of various types of DDoS attacks, their detection, and defense and prevention methods proposed by various researchers.


Application Layer; Computer security; Cyberterrorism – Prevention; DDoS Attacks; Denial of service attacks; Detection and Defense


Computer Sciences | Information Security