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Summer 1996

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science

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Dr. Dennis L. Soden

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From 1987 through 1992 the Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton instituted resource efficiency improvements in electrical, natural gas, water and materials consumption. In 1992, the Flamingo Hilton commissioned the University of Nevada Las Vegas Environmental Studies Department to analyze and quantify the improvements made by The Flamingo Hilton and investigate the potential for further improvements.

Historical billing data from the periods 1987 - 1992 were used to analyze past and present (1992) electric, natural gas and water consumption. Materials disposal data was only available for a ten month period in 1992. Pollutant emissions data were supplied by Nevada Power Company.

The efficiency improvements resulted in an annual cost savings of $412,344 and reduction in annual emissions of CO2 by 5245 tons, SO2 by 1.4 tons and NOX by 14 tons.

A second objective of this project was to examine current resource consumption and identify areas where additional improvements could be realized. It was determined that the analysis would be concentrated on the hotel's lighting system because of the large potential for savings that remained in this area. The EROAP project team formulated a resource efficiency optimization plan for the facility's lighting systems which will provide an additional annual cost savings $280,498 and annual emissions reductions of CO2 by 4,548 tons, SO2 by 1.4 tons and NOX by 12.4 tons.


Economic aspects; Energy conservation; Financial savings; Flamingo Hilton Environmental Resource Analysis and Optimization Plan (ERAOP); Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton; Nevada; Resource consumption


Environmental Sciences | Hospitality Administration and Management | Natural Resources and Conservation | Oil, Gas, and Energy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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