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With the dramatic advances in computer technology in recent decades, the increase of crimes committed using high technology has skyrocketed. Losses to corporations and governmental agencies have totalled millions if not billions of dollars per year. Victims are beginning to speak out and ask for help. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are teaming together to create specialized crime units and task forces in an attempt to successfully combat computer related crimes. Nevada is one of the many states which is in the infancy stages of developing such a task force. The Sacramento Valley High Tech Crime Task Force has actively supported the efforts of the Nevada Attorney General's Office. What does the Nevada Attorney General's Office need to do to launch a successful high technology crime task force as other jurisdictions have done? What is the best, most efficient, most productive method to investigate this type of white collar crime? This paper will examine such efforts.


California; Computer crimes; Criminology; Gaming fraud; Health care fraud; Law enforcement agencies; Nevada High Technology Crime Task Force; Sacramento Valley High Tech Crime Task Force; State of Nevada vs. Ronald D. Harris; Technology related crimes; United States vs. Mary Ferris (AKA: Jane Treher); White collar crime


Criminology and Criminal Justice | Public Administration

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