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The Asian casino market has been rapidly expanding in recent years as evidenced by the success of recently built integrated resorts (IR) in Macau. In light of the successes in Macau, the Korean government has decided to allow an IR to be built near the Incheon International Airport in Korea. The airport, with its great number of transient passengers, provides ample potential customers for the proposed IR. Combining the two factors of Asian casino market growth, and the high number of potential customers, the Incheon IR has a great chance for success.

The Korean government entertained bids from two different companies for the business license for the Incheon IR, Caesars Entertainment and Paradise-Sega Sammy. Based on business experience, capital, and size, the two companies were very comparable. The eventual winner of the business license was Paradise-Sega Sammy.

The purpose of this research is to investigate the factors that led to the choice of Paradise-Sega Sammy as the winner. This research will investigate the extent to which the personal opinions of government officials impacted the award decision. It will also uncover which of the opinions had the most influence on the decision.

The researcher conducted interviews with select Korean government representatives and collect their opinions. This qualitative approach will allow for a deeper understanding of the decision criteria. This research will provide value through the insights discovered, thus enabling future businesses to be better prepared to enter the Korean casino market.


Casinos; Gambling—Government policy; Government; ICR; Incheon; Korea; Korea (South) – Inchʻŏn; Political science; Resorts; Yeongjong


Asian Studies | Business | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | International Relations | Political Science | Public Administration

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