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Criminal Justice

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The purpose of this study is to explore attitudes and perceptions as they relate to the consensual and non-consensual aspect of sex and tourism. This practice of engaging in sexual activities, aligned with the tourism industry, is referred to as `sex tourism', `romance tourism', or `prostitution tourism'. This has evolved into a global phenomenon where sex has become a commodity in many tourist destinations. Previous research available from Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America will be used to demonstrate similar patterns in transnational motivations and practices by looking at concepts, perceptions, legality, and potential exploitation as it relates to sex tourism in Las Vegas. Countries within these areas are diverse geographically and have unique characteristics; however, the overall representation is that sex tourism practices observed in these areas are highly generalizable. This study measured attitudes and perceptions toward various consensual and non-consensual sexual activities, specifically sex tourism. Interestingly, with transnational differences in practices, overall perceptions regarding sex tourism were similarly understood by people living in Las Vegas; a city with robust sex and tourism industries.


Attitude (Psychology); Exploitation; Gender; Human trafficking; Nevada – Las Vegas; Prostitution; Sex tourism; Travel


Criminology | Criminology and Criminal Justice | Sociology | Tourism and Travel

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