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Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education


Special Education

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This study examined (a) the difference between special education teachers’ and administrators’ perceptions of school climate factors that influence special education teacher attrition and (b) differences among the four school climate factors perceived by school personnel. School climate was measured in professional development, collaboration, working conditions, and leadership. Participants were 29 administrators and 62 special education teachers from a large metropolitan school district in the Southwest United States. A 52 item online questionnaire was used for data collection. Special education teachers perceived school climate factors as more influential in promoting teacher attrition than did administrators. When the four school climate factors were compared for their mean differences, both administrators and teachers rated working conditions as the most influential factor of special education teacher attrition and professional development and leadership as the least influential. Finally, school personnel did not moderate the difference among the four climate factors. Both administrators and special education teachers reported school climate factors along a similar trend. iv


Administrators; Attrition; Perceptions; School climate; Special education; Teacher retention


Education | Special Education and Teaching

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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