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The identification of a structurally controlled sub-basin with impediments to groundwater flow within Southern Nevada could provide a favorable area for artificial recharge and storage of native or imported water, extending the water supply of Southern Nevada. For this purpose, the area of northeastern Ivanpah Valley was investigated to determine the ability of the aquifer to accept and recover stored water, if acceptable water quality existed in the potential sub-basin storage area, and if structural controls impeded and isolated groundwater flow. The results found evidence the proposed sub-basin is structurally isolated by the McCullough, Roach, and Stateline Faults, which was determined by field mapping, groundwater geochemistry, and stable and radiometric isotope data. Aquifer data of hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, specific yield, and specific capacity compiled from previous studies also indicated the northern portion of Ivanpah Valley would meet the basic requirements for artificial storage and recovery of groundwater, either via injection wells or infiltration basins. The sub-basin identified during this research was found to have degraded groundwater quality not acceptable for artificial water storage and recovery operations. Based upon the native groundwater quality of the sub-basin, artificial recharge operations in Ivanpah Valley should occur outside of the identified sub-basin within the main portions of the valley. Further hydrogeologic study is needed to understand groundwater interaction across these impediments dividing the sub-basin and the remainder of Ivanpah Valley before artificial recharge and recovery operations occur.


Artificial groundwater recharge; ASR; Aquifer storage recovery; Aquifers; Groundwater; Groundwater – Quality; Ivanpah; Nevada – Ivanpah valley; Nevada – Jean; Southern Nevada; Water – Storage


Geology | Hydrology | Water Resource Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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