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The purpose of this research study was to construct a substantive grounded theory regarding how acute care nurse managers select the newly licensed RNs (NLRNs) they hire. This is important because a good selection process can reduce expensive employee turnover and improve teamwork on units. There has been extensive research regarding interventions that improve the retention of NLRNs after they are hired, such as residency programs, preceptors, mentors and support groups, but there is very little in the literature about the processes or preferences nurse managers use to select the right candidates to be hired. A constructivist grounded theory approach was used to examine the NLRN selection process within the theoretical perspective of symbolic interactionism.

This researcher interviewed acute care nurse managers in a Southwestern state and reviewed copies of documents or tools used by them in the NLRN selection process. Together the researcher and the 18 participants constructed a substantive theory explaining the processes used to select NLRNs for hire. Five theoretical concepts were identified: Developing Beliefs and Preferences, Expressing Beliefs and Preferences, Gathering Information Throughout the Process, Finding the Fit and Making a Decision.

This study adds to the currently limited knowledge of how nurse manager selection processes and preferences might contribute to NLRNs’ retention in their first nursing position. The findings of this study may also be used to inform additional research directed to improving those selection processes.


Employee retention; Employee selection; Graduate nurse; Labor turnover; New graduate; Nurse administrators; Nurses – Selection and appointment; Nursing students; Transition to practice


Human Resources Management | Nursing | Nursing Administration

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