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Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences

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The purpose of this study was to explore student athletes’ perceived satisfaction of care from certified and licensed athletic trainers (ATC) and satisfaction of care between full time and graduate student ATCs at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (n=61). Studies identify satisfaction as a method to measure quality of care and its influence on many aspects of athletes’ success including health outcomes. This is the first study that evaluated multiple aspects of care including type and length of sport participation, academic class status, number of ATCs seen, primary ATC (graduate or full time), number of interactions with primary ATC, injury, domains (environment, knowledge, trust and communication), values (communication, trust, compassion, physical environment, knowledge/skills, relationship, availability, professionalism), and reason for interacting with ATC (personal reasons, prevention, injury evaluation, treatment/rehabilitation, and emergency care). The study used a 44 question online survey. The study showed that athletes were satisfied overall with the quality of care by full time and graduate ATCs. Seeking preventative care was the only factor that significantly increased satisfaction. The top 3 aspects that athletes valued most in an ATC in rank order were: 1) knowledge, 2) availability, and 3) communication. ATCs need to be aware of the factors and values that influence athletes’ satisfaction and adjust their care accordingly. Future studies are needed to evaluate additional variables and interaction between variables.


Athletes; Athletic trainers; Patient satisfaction; Quality of care; Satisfaction


Health and Medical Administration | Kinesiology | Medicine and Health Sciences

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