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Master of Science (MS)


Marriage and Family Therapy

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Katherine M. Hertlein

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Stephen Fife

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Gerald Weeks

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This study explored the impact online gaming has on a couples relational intimacy. Gaming has become one of the most popular entertainment Medias in the United States with forty-six percent of American homes having a gaming counsel (Nielsen, 2013). Some of these games are online and gameplay cannot be interrupted and takes up much of the user’s time. Therefore, this study set out to discover if this time commitment had an impact on a relationship’s intimacy levels.

This study used data that had been collected in a previous study and reanalyzed it looking for any correlations between the amount of time spent gaming by either partner and the amount of intimacy reported using both the Miller Social Intimacy Scale (MSIS) and Personal Assessment of Intimacy in Relationships (PAIR). To discover the correlations both a linear regression and a quadratic regression were used.

Results from the tests found that the correlations varied dependent on which regression analysis was used with both having contradictory results. The quadratic regression showing a positive correlation and the linear regression showing a negative correlation.


Couples therapy; Gaming; Internet games; Intimacy (Psychology); Marriage; Online; Therapy; Video games


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