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The Nevada Test Site (NTS) has served a crucial role in protecting the nation's security over the last 50 years. Changing national budgets and fiscal priorities have signaled dramatic adjustments for the NTS. Following the 1992 nuclear testing moratorium, the U.S. government has begun to make parts of the NTS available for private-sector use in an effort to generate money, utilize the Test Site's unique resources and capabilities, and provide economic development to southern Nevada. The initiative to attract private industry to the NTS is similar to activities taking place at other nuclear facilities across the nation. With a change in mission requirements, the question remained whether the NTS could effectively utilize its unique resources while continuing to maintain a state of nuclear testing readiness. Although Nevada's local leaders support privatesector development proposed for the NTS as a means to diversify the state's economy, the viability of commercialization of this site is an important concern. This qualitative study examines whether private-sector development is a viable alternative for the NTS.


Nevada Test Site (Nev.); High technology industries; Nuclear weapons testing; Public-private sector cooperation; Research; NTS Development Corporation; Clean energy industries; Economic development


Economic Policy | Growth and Development | Public Administration | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Policy | Science and Technology Policy

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