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May 2015

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Evelyn Gajowski

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Denise Tillery

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Vincent Perez

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Elspeth Whitney

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Although many early modern English plays portray women courting men, I contend that there are significant resonances between the methods of Rosalind, the female protagonist from a Shakespearean comedy, and those of the Duchess, from a Websterian tragedy. Rosalind and the Duchess woo, propose to, and arrange the marriage ceremony between them and their love interests. The witty dialogue which permeates the wooing scenes helps establish a strong mental connection between Rosalind and Orlando and the Duchess and Antonio. I examine the motives behind wooing and comparatively analyze the strategies of these female characters. Through this analysis, I present Rosalind and the Duchess as creative, intelligent, and devoted women who choose freedom by wooing the men they love.


As You Like It; emergent discourse; John Webster; Renaissance; Shakespeare; The Duchess of Malfi


Gender and Sexuality | Literature in English, British Isles | Theatre and Performance Studies | Women's Studies