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December 2015

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Hotel Administration

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Robert Woods

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Bo Bernhard

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Patrick Moreo

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Lori Olafson

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This study concerns a qualitative investigation of the views toward higher education and its importance to hospitality career success among hotel professionals in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Existing literature supported the premise that education may be important to professional career success in several different ways, and that values concerning education may be passed from one person to another via social learning. However, the relevant theories had not previously been evaluated within the context of the hospitality industry. Professionals in reporting relationships at two Las Vegas hotels were interviewed to determine perceptions about higher education, the sources of those perceptions, and whether or not there are any similarities in views between individuals in a reporting relationship. Thematic analysis was utilized to identify prevalent patterns, and the data revealed support for the proposition that values may in fact be passed from leaders to followers through social interactions. Other conclusions included popularly perceived characteristics and limitations of the utility of higher education for hospitality professionals.


College; Education; Hospitality; Hotel; Vegas


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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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