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Bachelor of Science


Environmental Science

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Krystyna A. Stave

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Shawn Gerstenberger

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The Boulder City Wetlands is a constructed wetlands park located in Boulder City, Nevada, approximately 23 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently, a baseline study of water quality is being conducted in the Boulder City Wetlands. This baseline study of the wetlands is an important step in understanding the development of the Boulder City Wetlands over time. As wastewater is eventually introduced into the existing community tap water running through the wetlands, it is expected that the nitrogen within the water will enhance the growth of vegetation in the surrounding area. Comparing the vegetation growth over time is only possible if a baseline study has been conducted. The intent of this research effort was to conduct a baseline study of the Boulder City Wetlands and develop a system in which environmental scientists can closely monitor the wetlands vegetation. This current and future vegetation monitoring of the Boulder City Wetlands is possible using the technologies of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Boulder City (Nev.); Constructed wetlands; Growth (Plants); Nevada; Water nitrogen content; Water quality; Wetland plants; Wetland surveys; Vegetation monitoring; Vegetation surveys


Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Plant Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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