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Professional Paper

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Master of Science in Hotel Administration


Hotel Administration

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Chih-Chien Chen


This study focuses on the discussion of the relationship between the website design and customer reservations in Las Vegas, specifically, how important the website quality is to hotels and how the features affect the Internet bookings. Since the online market is growing and becoming more and more competitive, hotels are investigating an effective way to keep customers making reservation directly through the hotel’s own website, such as providing lowest guarantee rates, promoting loyalty points and cooperating with online travel agents. Consumers expect websites that are informative, attractive and engaging. Usability, security, personalization, usefulness, responsiveness and information content are the dimensions of web quality as classified. In addition, customer’s perception of website quality influences the customer’s satisfaction and the purchase intentions for online reservations. Therefore, hoteliers should learn to improve the website quality in order to drive business developments, improve clients’ online booking experiences and deliver results.


Hotels--Reservation systems; Online reservations; Reservation systems; Web sites--Design; Web sites--Evaluation


Hospitality Administration and Management