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Toni Repetti


This paper explores the economic impacts that took place in Macau after the gaming monopoly ended in 2002, as well as the resulting social effects to the local region. The broader research on casino gaming was analyzed, and was then compared to the social and economic impacts that took place in Macau. Specifically, economic indicators such as employment and GDP were evaluated, along with social issues such as problem gambling, crime, and educational attainment. Many countries, specifically Asian countries, are now entertaining the idea of introducing casinos to their local communities in an effort to try and replicate the type of economic growth that was experienced in Macau. The difficulty for these regional governments is trying to understand whether the results that took place in Macau are transferable to other Asian countries. This paper assists in answering this question, and details the unique variables that surrounded Macau’s casino development.


Casinos; Casinos--Economic aspects; China--Macau; Gambling; Gaming industry


Asian Studies | Economics | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Growth and Development