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Master of Science in Hotel Administration


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William Werner


The food and beverage industry in Las Vegas gaming resorts has rapidly been moving towards a lease model where independent third parties operate outlets. This is in comparison to the past where resorts operated such outlets with their own employees. Food and beverage operations in resorts have always been labor intensive, requiring the need for large numbers of employees to run properly. As food and beverage operations in resorts are heavily intertwined with organized labor, it warrants a look into the changing aspects of the relationship due to this new leasing trend. This includes the long held practice of gaming resorts voluntarily recognizing union representation of employees. This presents the ideal opportunity to look into the interactions between continuing the practice of voluntarily recognizing, and the trend of continued restaurant leasing. Included in this is an evaluation if discontinuing the practice of voluntarily recognizing union representation would increase lease values of food and beverage outlet spaces.


Casinos; Gaming; Labot unions; Nevada--Las Vegas; Restaurants

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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