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Toni Repetti


The purpose of this paper is to develop a proper way to measure the effectiveness of complimentary award programs in race and sports books. Like most businesses, casinos seek to increase business volume by offering promotions. According to existing research on casino marketing, promotion activities are often measured by the change in business volume (Lucas & Kilby, 2008). Casino operators should be careful because an increase in business volume does not always equal an increase in profit. To create a positive effect on profit, a promotion must at least create enough gross revenue to offset its cost. Some casino executives believe that marketing activities are the key to success. They consider activity more valuable than results. In fact, marketing activities do not always create a positive effect on cash flows. This paper includes two objectives. First, this paper will present current marketing approaches on race and sports betting in Las Vegas. Second, this paper will provide suggestion and recommendation to bookmakers in regarding to marketing strategies.


Casinos; Gamblers; Gambling; Marketing; Nevada--Las Vegas; Race and sports book; Sports betting

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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