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The purpose of this document is to draw attention to Viktor Kosenko’s music by focusing on his piano cycle Eleven Etudes in the form of Old Dances, op.19. Viktor Kosenko was a remarkable Ukrainian pianist, composer, and teacher. His compositional output includes works for piano, violin, cello, voice, ensembles, and music for film and theatre. Compositions such as Eleven Etudes in the Form of Old Dances, Twenty-four Pieces for Children, Classical Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello, Cello Sonatas, Heroic Overture, and Moldavian Poem became treasures of the Ukrainian repertoire. Viktor Kosenko worked towards the expansion of Ukrainian national repertoire.

This document consists of five chapters. The first chapter consists of the introduction including the purpose of the investigation and literature review. The second chapter includes a biography of Kosenko and cultural information of the Ukraine during his life. The information in this chapter describes Kosenko from different perspectives during his roles as a performer, teacher and composer. Furthermore, it explores the influence and impact of the USSR’s artistic policies on Kosenko's compositions. This information establishes the basis for a deeper understanding of Kosenko’s musical style. The third chapter focuses on the piano cycle Eleven Etudes in the form of Old Dances and particularly on the form of each etude. This chapter includes brief historical information on a dance as a genre and its origins. It also discusses the development of the baroque suite. The fourth chapter describes the cycle as a set of concert-etudes and establishes the technical difficulties of each etude. The fifth chapter is a summary and conclusion.



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