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Like many other Southwestern states, Nevada is experiencing a tremendous growth in population. As the second fastest growing city in Nevada, North Las Vegas is facing its own unique challenges and opportunities. Growth in Southern Nevada has also brought internal competition for those residents and businesses entering the area. It has also created a need to update the city's image and appeal.

One example of how a city effectively enhanced its image can be found in the same population area, Henderson, Nevada. Henderson, the state's fastest growing community, is attracting new residents and businesses at a rate that was 1.5 percent in 1996/97, and 1.1 percent in 1997/98 over North Las Vegas' growth during the same period (Metropolitan Research Association [MRA], 1999). North Las Vegas, as its name implies, is located at the north end of the Las Vegas Valley, and Henderson lies at the south end of the valley. Both can offer the same climate, tax benefits, cost of living, location, and proximity to the large markets of Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Phoenix. However, Henderson implemented a marketing plan 3 years ago that was geared toward attracting new residents and supporting business structure. The results were impressive, 11.9 percent population growth in 1997, 9.6 percent population growth in 1998, and a 17 percent higher rate of new business attraction over North Las Vegas in 1998 (MRA, 1999). There are several incentives for cities to attract residents and businesses including the distribution of tax dollars based on population and ensuring a diverse economy.


North Las Vegas (Nev.); Nevada; Place marketing; City promotion


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