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The key purpose of this study was to compare and contrast the San Francisco Whole Schools Conflict Resolution Project to the School Mediation Program utilized in Clark County, Nevada. The evaluation further assessed the impact the San Francisco Project had on incidents of school-related violence in order to project these figures to the Clark County Program.

The methods used in this evaluation included a review of the implementation processes and training components for each conflict resolution program. The researcher also conducted a pre- and post- training analysis of San Francisco Unified School District incidents of school-related violence. Additionally, the Clark County School District's incidents of school-related violence for the 1997-8 school year were examined. Lastly, surveys were conducted among Clark County teachers to indicate staff perspectives of conflict resolution programs and the presence of school-related violence.

Key findings of this study indicated that the Clark County School Mediation Program closely imitates its model. More significantly, the study revealed that there is no correlation between the presence of a conflict resolution program and incidents of school-related violence.

School-related violence is a nationwide priority. However, conflict resolution programs do not reduce the incidents of school-related violence. The researcher recommends that the Clark County School Mediation Program is reexamined and that a violence prevention component is added to the curriculum. Finally, it is recommended that additional studies examining the impact of conflict resolution programs on school-related violence are conducted in this field.


California; Clark County School District; Conflict management; Nevada; San Francisco Unified School District; School violence prevention


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