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Master of Science in Computer Science


Computer Science

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Ju-Yeon Jo

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Yoohwan Kim

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Ajoy K. Datta

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Emma Regentova

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There is currently no system in place for safely managing small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Small UAS (sUAS) pose a safety hazard to both manned aircraft and people on the ground. The initial solution to this problem proposed in this paper is a system that consists of a web server and an Android mobile application (app). In this solution, the server is only accessible through the Android mobile app. After evaluating the initial solution, we determine that the system in this solution would be unable to quickly adjust to changes in technology and in the sUAS industry. To solve this shortcoming, the second version of the solution has the server host a web service that allows any software or device that can use the Internet to utilize the server’s sUAS traffic management (sUTM) functions through an application programming interface (API). In this solution, the Android mobile app we develop serves primarily as an example of software using the server through the API. After designing, implementing, and testing both the server’s sUTM functions and the Android mobile app, we evaluate the solution again and identify the solution has limited ability to attract and retain users (sUAS operators). To lessen this shortcoming, the third version of the solution includes design elements commonly found in video games to help attract more users and make sure they continue using the sUTM system.


Android; App; Gamification; REpresentational State Transfer; REST


Computer Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




Small UAS Traffic Management System API Library developed as part of this thesis is available via the "Related Content" link.


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